This section offers entry to the following screening tests (questionnaires) and diagnostic tools.

  1. Alcohol problem questionnaires
  2. Drug problem questionnaires
  3. Diagnostic Criteria for Substance Abuse and Substance Dependence
  4. A Readiness to Change questionnaire
  5. Combined Package (all the above questionnaires)
  6. Problem gambling questionnaires


These are all quick questionnaires and each one only takes a few minutes to do. Click on the link above for a fuller explanation of each one.

If you wish to download and complete any of these questionnaires there is a small fee. The questionnaires will be emailed to you for immediate download, once payment is received. The results will give you an indication of the severity of your problem with regard to a particular substance.

Payment is in US dollars via - a secure, international payment system, used by millions of people around the world.

Questionnaire Validity:

The questionnaires available on this website were designed by a number of different researchers in the addictions field and are used by practitioners and addiction specialists around the world. The various researchers who designed each particular questionnaire are given full acknowledgement as the author(s) on the downloads.

Although there is a small fee to download them on this site, you may be able to persuade your local Alcohol and Drug treatment or counselling agency to supply them to you as well.